Learning to Fall

I slipped this morning right before exiting my home. My laptop bag dropped to the floor and my book  bag containing my Magic decks slammed against the wall. "My legacy deck!" I thought, before realizing the hard plastic case would likely keep it safe. Safer than my poor laptop which got a good jostle.

The Legacy deck is worth more.

Laptop is working just fine. Not a ding. SSD, baby. Ain't got to worry about none of them datas, not that they aren't all backed up via Backblaze anyway. (I first typed Blackblaze. If you get that joke, you are a special kind of nerd.)

Grand Prix Trial yesterday went pretty good. I suppose. I placed fifth. That's not first, so I feel bad. It's not last so I should feel good even though there's a little demon in the back of my head that says otherwise. Fuck that guy. Although the prize for top 8 was a single pack, which feels like a bit of a "fuck you".

Six rounds is a lot of Magic. Rounds 1, 3 and 4 were combo decks. Sneak Attack, Tin Fins and Eureka. I won all three, but they sure were grinds. Deny them their resources and pound away. One game versus Tin Fins was luck. I think he drew twenty one cards and could not find a single Lotus Petal. So it goes.

My loss was to Elves, which I am 1) inexperienced against and 2) thus made mistakes. I bolted the wrong thing once. I also left an Underground Sea open instead of the Tropical Island. I could not gain life with the Deathrite Shaman that had to block. I would have been at 3 instead of 1. Not that I was about to win but I might have had chances instead of not having chances. So it goes.

Round 5 was versus Shardless BUG which I feel like I am getting better at playing against. Handle the Goyf, get the advantage. Round 6 was an Intentional Draw into top 8 which worried me a little because I don't ID much. I suppose that's a thing as you start placing higher.

I enjoyed some curry and then went back to play. Game 1 was a bunch of stupid mistakes. Game 2 I got lucky and blasted away with two Delvers. Game three I mulliganned into a questionable hand which a Thoughtseize ripped apart. I never recovered.

The pack was crap. But the entry prize was a 21% discount coupon. So I picked up something to complete a play-set. Who knows how decks will change.

I ended the night by heading over to a store where there should have been a small Legacy tournament. Only one other player showed up. He was playing Mavericks, which I had never played against. This surprised him. I knew of it, just never had the pleasure. Or displeasure as it turned out as he beat me five out of six games.

There's always more to learn.