I bought into Legacy kind of hard. I do not want to discuss the prices. You can google them. But my Grixis Delver deck is in my bag now and whenever I get to jam out some Legacy games it feels so good.

I was at a small little event last night and went 1-2. Lost first round to some WUR Goodstuff™ where he just seemed to drop an answer to everything I had. "Your Delver is flipping? Pyroblast in response. Swords to Plowshares your Deathrite Shaman after it comes into play."

I was feeling unpleasant. He said good game. I said I hope that he had fun. I felt like a dick afterwards, but Brainstorming into two lands when you're trying to get rid of two in your hand might do that to a man.

Next round was versus a guy who I would guess is half Japanese? Japanse last name, spoke perfect English. We bantered back and forth. He was playing Aluren. I need to read cards I am unfamiliar with. He got me good with the flash part that I totally missed. Then again I had already made him discard two of them with a Cabal Therapy. Sometimes you draw cards. I did beat him one game, and learned a lot about another "combo" deck.

Third round was versus Miracles and the first time I actually beat Miracles. Delvers can go a long way. Of course, if they don't, then it's a long, long game and I brainfarted once knowing that he showed a Brainstorm with Counterbalance but then cast Deathrite Shaman into it. Whoops.

I need to play a little slower is what I learned. Take a second, breathe, think about the play. Not too slow - I've had some players ask me to speed up at moments, but hey, I'm learning and Magic is a difficult game.

Legacy is fun. I wish more people played. I get why Wizards (Hasbro?) doesn't want to get rid of that Restricted List, but goodness, how many people would pay $20, maybe $30?, for packs with the duals as Mythic Rares. Maybe not enough. "Oh my collection." people whine, but I'm always trading foils into non-foil versions and getting a little extra out of the deal. Some people like original and old shit.

Some people just want to play the fucking game.