Yuusha Yamada-kun: D-d-danger, danger, danger!

D-d-d-danger, danger, danger danger zone!

D-d-d-danger, danger, danger danger zone!

Yuusha Yamada-kun was the most charming game I played at BitSummit 2015[footnote]Okay, I did not play many games as I spent most of the two days running my booth. But I digest.[/footnote]

So it came out Thursday or so and it was free. Shock number one. It had the little In-App-Purchases +. Shock number two. It follows the Puzzles and Dragons free-to-play formula. Bummer.

The game is still charming. Nearly every single song has singing along with it as I know I have with many catch 8-bit RPG tunes. The graphics are adorable and the route-planning gameplay is fun enough, even though the stamina mechanics and other staples of the free-to-play formula make me groan and realize there will likely be some point where I just stop playing because that is how these games work.

I’d like a game I could finish and then want to come back to and play again later. But that is not how the market works at the moment, I suppose.

I’m also getting a bit tired of meta-RPGs, charming as some of them may be. The tongue is about to pierce through the cheek. It’s getting to the point where the meta-ness feels more frequent than the actual thing, and at what point are were just monkeys beating each other up without even knowing why we shouldn’t touch the banana?