Looming in the air

Games I beat in 2015 - #16: Loom

Loom was a game that made me sad.

I have been sitting here for about twenty minutes trying to type more about this game. The line “Loom is sad.” sat in this very text file until I realized that the game itself likely has no emotions to speak of. So I edited that to the line you see above and now I’m struggling to find other words about the game even though it is going to haunt me for some time.

Playing it required a combination of memorizing[1] little tunes known as drafts. Each performed an action and in reverse it performed the opposite action. Open and close, twist and untwist, sharpen and dull, asleep and awake. Palindromes have no opposite.

With an index card full of my barely readable scrawls in front of me, I made my way unraveling mysteries and stairs, but never quite felt that things would be completely great for Bobbin and friends.

I beat Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders the day before Loom and although they share some commonalities, the feelings I had at the end could not have been more different. Loom is fantasy, but the kind where the parts that are realistic feel brutally so. Death, abandonment, loneliness, lies, confusion. At the end of the games things are better, but that’s all.

  1. Writing down.  ↩