Torq'n it

Games I beat in 2015 - #19: TorqueL

Here. Take an idea. When a potato touches an egg, you get points. But if an egg or a potato touches a sock, you lose points. Now you get some art and some music and some code and you have a video game. Congratulations.

TorqueL is much more sophisticated than my potato-salad game design, but the game itself isn’t that different. A few mechanics are all you need for a good time. TorqueL has that, plus cute, simple graphics and a neat idea for music. The music plays when the player moves to the right and rewinds when moving to the left. Nothing happens when you’re standing still.

It also takes a page from games like Umihara Kawase where there can be multiple exits to a stage and this changes the route to the ending. I got an ending and was content to end my time with the game at that point. But for those who might fall in a deeper love with the game than I, there is more stuff to do.

The concept is almost painfully simple. Use left or right on the controller to roll the in-a-box character(s) that direction. Press triangle, x, square or circle to extend a bar from the box. The bar will interact with the environment and help the boxed player(s) get to the goal. Sometimes the bars are used there faster. More often than not to get there at all. And many times, a nearly instinctive feeling of how far the bars and their related physics will interact with the environment is necessary to get to those small, desired goals.

These physics are why at the end of the game I just wanted to complete it. It never felt unfair, but it sure felt difficult. And the oft occurring “I think I know how to beat this, oh wait.” sensation had me nearly in tears, until I finally finished a stage and apparently the game. Had I known I was currently working on the final stage for the route I had picked, I don’t know if I would have felt any different. Perhaps a bit more frustrated that victory was so close.

TorqueL was fun. Play it if you have access to it.