To complete a bad game

Games I beat in 2015 - #18: Rockman X5

All of my complaints about Rockman X4 were massaged into fond memories as I ruined my thumbs trying to complete the stages in X5. Not only did it suffer from the difficulty issues of its predecessor, a weird story element where every stage consumed an hour of time until something was going to happen. (I didn’t care enough to read. Sorry, Capcom.) One could spend eight hours in a single stage and it would only count as one against your timer… Unless one gave up on the stage and tried again at a later time. So the standard “Go back and get hidden stuff.” mechanic felt like a bad idea. I was going to run out of time.

Had I read what this timer was doing and what it meant maybe I would not have felt that stress. Maybe it means nothing, maybe it means everything. I didn’t read because I don’t boot up Rockman games to read. Again, my apologies. But when a guy wants to shoot up some Mavericks, I mean. Shit. Where else am I supposed to turn?

The stages felt gimmicky. Auto-scrollers, timed sections, bike sections. Collect energy dots to blow open a door, but collect them while riding an unwieldy speeder. And if you miss one, well, you’ll have to start the stage over again. Costs you an hour. Sorry, X, but that’s how we do.

After blowing up Sigma’s silly mug for the whateverth time, I realized I had only three more games in the X series to take on. X6 I have not even bought yet. I’m scared of it. Apparently it is the worst, barring X7 which I have had experience with and its “unique” traits. Burn it to the ground, indeed. At least I heard X8 is “kind of good”.