Blizzard is expanding Hearthstone efforts in Japan

Just saw the following in my inbox.


Hearthstone is coming to Japan, and we're excited to see more players join in the fun. We're looking forward to providing an even better experience and improved connectivity to the already bustling community of Japanese Hearthstone players.

As new players from Japan discover Hearthstone, now is a great time to start a brand-new account on the Asia server. As a thank-you for being one of the earliest Japanese players, we're happy to help you jump-start this new account with the following:

  • All Heroes and Adventure wings you've purchased
  • Arena passes for any Arena tickets you've purchased
  • Card packs based on what you've purchased or earned in the past

Please note, rewards may take up to 24 hours to appear on your account. You can change regions freely using the following steps:

If you're playing on mobile, select the region button in the upper-right corner of the login screen. If you're playing on the Desktop App, select Asia from the Region/Account dropdown above the Play button.

If you'd like, you can change your language to Japanese and continue playing on the Americas server with your current collection. However, all new Japanese Hearthstone accounts will play on the Asia server by default. So if you want to play with nearby friends or participate in local Fireside Gatherings and tournaments, your Asia account will give you the easiest access to do so.

Your collection on each region will remain separate and intact, but we hope this jump-start will make for an easy and fun transition if you choose to play Hearthstone on your new account.


Blizzard Entertainment

I always wonderd why Korean and Chinese were language options, but Japanese was not. Now it seems to be an option. And they want people who live in Japan and have been playing Hearthstone (Granted, I haven't for the past month and a half.) to start populating the Asia servers.

This is pretty damn big, isn't it? I'm basically getting my account duplicated. Card packs based on what I've purchased and earned in the past? All those awful packs I opened give me a chance to open... More crap? Still. I learned so much, dusted many a thing one should not dust... It's tempting.