Ah, boy, I'm just so tired of all these Star Wars

Star Wars first came into my life after a Saturday evening viewing of the last half of The Empire Strikes Back. It must have been around October as I remember later attempting to construct an R2D2 costume out of cardboard. It didn’t work out. Most things don’t.

As long as I have been going to the local [1] Hard-Off, I have seen a copy of the widescreen laser-disc version of the original trilogy. It cost around ¥4000. I wonder if they have sold it yet. It has been eight years. I am not quite sure of the lifespan of a laser-disc. Its heavy box has been in my two hands several times, contemplating purchase. I would need a player too, although that is hardly as extravagant as some of my old tech. Stuff can be fun.

I am unsure why I have not loaded up the new trailer for Episode VII. I am not particularly worried about spoilers. Perhaps I am worried about being hurt again. I do remember defending Episode I at one point. “It’s new characters,” I claimed. “It’s starting over. Episode IV wasn’t as good as V,” I argued. “Things can only get better.” Some things don’t.

But it’s just a movie. Some say. It’s just a cash grab. Some say. Big corporations going after money. Some say. A very passionate argument against things one dislikes. Seems like lots of people have the time to spend on things they do not like. What a luxury.

I wonder who gets the titular line in The Force Awakens.

  1. Thirty or so minute drive away.  ↩