I canceled my Apple Music subscription this morning. They got nine-hundred-and-eighty yen out of me because I forgot to after the free trial. But they can have it. It was a nice free trial. And now I can listen to music once more before my new month expires. I will make nine-hundred-and-eighty yen again one day.

I cancelled my Kindle Unlimited subscription this morning. They will not get any money out of me. Maybe for a few more books here and there, but I think I have already exhausted all of the options from their free selection. Shapeshifting vampire-bear sex thrillers are not on my list. At the moment. I am sure I could be persuaded.

The phrase "I want less stuff" seems to pass into my ears more and more. People getting super into the KonMari method. Then later I hear the excitement of watching Netflix or talking about the thousands of photos that await eventual sorting and processing. The idea of nigh-infinite media available seems more stressful than a shelf or two of things, but perhaps I am just ahead on the next hipster curve.