Questing Dragons Quickly

Games I beat in 2015 - #21: Dragon Quest 1

In 2011 I watched Awesome Games Done Quick and felt a love for video games that I had almost forgotten. I began to follow speedrunners on Twitch, watch speedruns and even think about what games I could speedrun. I was a bit jealous. Where would I find the time? Did I have the time? Did I have a game I liked that much?

I’ve spent amount a ridiculous amount of time during the past month playing the Super Famicom version of Dragon Quest and it has blast, albeit a slightly stressful one at times. And frustrating at times. And although I have probably beaten the game six or seven times just this month, I want to keep doing it.

There are no major skips in DQ1, just some planning and a lot of luck. Many of my attempts die off in the first four minutes or so as I get smacked around by a Ghost or blasted by a Magidrakee. Sometimes I throw three torches at a Scorpion and find myself at level 3 with two hit points, a single remaining herb and five steps away from the next town. And it feels so good.

There are ways to manipulate the game and use the Silver Harp to fight a lot of Metal Slimes, but I don’t do that. It doesn’t seem as fun. I just save the princess six times or so, each time dying in the poison swamp or the barriers weirdly installed into her home castle so that she’ll be whisked back to the cave and a new dragon appears to guard her.

Just the other day I got my best run yet. 1:48:51. It feels real good There’s no fame or wealth that I expect to get out of this. Just the pleasure of competing with myself. And perhaps with others. There might be a Dragon Quest 1 SFC race coming up sometime soon. Nothing big. Nothing important. Just fun.