A little bit of heaven

Games I beat in 2015 - #22: Pink Heaven

I don’t use the phrase Game of the Year lightly [1]. Pink Heaven, available for free which is pure delightful wackiness, is a special Voight-Kampff test of a game that you might beat in a few minutes, but will stick in your head for much longer. And you might look towards the (blue? gray?) heavens and scream “Yes, this is a Game of the Year contestant!” A sequel to Pink Hour, the promotional prequel to Kero Blaster, Pink Heaven lets you control the pink office lady from the Kero Blaster game as she, well, to talk anything is to spoil it.

It is a re-reminder that good controls are possible on iOS. And that fun little games can be a big joy. Even if you have to boot into Windows to play it like I originally did.

  1. I totally use it super lightly.  ↩