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Games I beat in 2015 - #20: Metal Gear Solid 4

I came to Japan in 2007 and decided to buy a Playstation 3 upon Metal Gear Solid 4’s release. To "“prepare”“ I picked up the Playstation 2 collection and played through every Metal Gear game [1] made up to that point. The original on the MSX was a bit of a struggle. I remember going to a fellow JET’s apartment to use their Internet to check a FAQ - I didn’t have Internet at my apartment yet. I went through Metal Gear 2 and finally understood why the ”Solid" part of Metal Gear Solid’s title made so much sense. I replayed MGS1 and 2. In Japanese. I played MGS3. For the first time.

I didn’t buy MGS4.

People on Very Important Internet Forums thought me crazy [2], but I disliked MGS3. A lot. So much did I not care for it that all my enthusiasm for MGS4 evaporated and while I did pick up a PS3 I ended up playing Minna no Golf whatever number it was and then selling it and using my PS3 as a glorified PS2 until that sweet, sweet FF13 entered my life.

But the next MGS was coming. So I borrowed a copy of MGS4 from a friend and decided to work at it. It started slowly. I didn’t like Chapter 1. In fact, I remember balking at the idea of chapters in a Metal Gear game. That would ruin the concept. And I can’t argue with my feelings of eight years ago at this moment. It didn’t feel like the Metal Gear I loved. Until Chapter 4, which was essentially the original MGS done again, only quickly and with even more self references. That was fun. But MGS2 already did it. And better. Chapter 5 came and it was not fun. I didn’t care for it.

If I am a stubborn man for wanting “more of the same”, so be it. MGS1 and 2 were so enjoyable that wanting to play around in those formulas with tweaks and new environments and new ideas doesn’t seem stubborn and cranky to me. But such is the way the wheel turns and MGS3 and 4 did not please me.

I have not yet bought MGSV.

  1. Well, the important ones.  ↩

  2. I don’t care. The Ladder was a dumb boss.  ↩