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Games I beat in 2015: #13: Wario Ware (Replay)

Don't feel like spending money on a new game? Replay something similar! All the Rhythm Tengoku: The Best Plus got me itching for that fast paced A tapping. Remembering that Nintendo gave 3DS Ambassadors like myself Warior Ware for free, I booted that thing up and cleared it in less than an hour. A fair chunk of that was replayin the last Wario "boss" stage, trying to remember the right ways to get through it. Remember and figure out again for the hundredth time.

Having made two games of my own that focused on playing in little bursts, it reminded me of how much a shock Wario Ware was in 2003. It was one of the few games all three of us in my dormroom bought and we spent lots of time talking about where we were and how good we did on a particular stage.

That summer a gas refinery in New Jersey was guarded by a young slightly overweight "man" who was jamming away at this Intelligent Systems game, trying to unlock every single thing and get the best scores he could. This time, I simply tried to get from the first stage to the last as best I could, and although my scores would have been low and my retries were many, it was just as fun as that summer affair.