Don't turn around

Maniac Mansion was one of the biggest time sinks of my childhood, and yet I spent a significant amount of time at night wishing there was some way for a doctor to open up my skull and remove the memory of microwaving the pool water. It was completely lost on my young self how that image was much more queasy than what happened in-game, but that is the human mind for you. The next thing I can remember freaking me out was randomly stumbling across the mugger in Déjà Vu. Similarly, walking past the woman in the opening of Uninvited. Now that I have my Apple Watch I am taking evening strolls to finish my Activity Circles. Every single time I pass a person on the street, I turn around half expecting them to be staring at me with a warped expression on their face. I shrug it off knowing the thought is silly, but I'm instantly transported back into those Kemco ports. This is what left a lasting impression on me. I get less of those these days.

Is it the games or is it age? It being age scares me as it is a reminder that things are slowly creeping towards "the end". Sure, I'm only in my thirties and likely have another thirty or more to go. Maybe even double that. My grandfather did live until his early nineties. Yet the BOOM moments are dwindling. It's the end of May. I don't want to be that guy, but wasn't January just yesterday?