Complete circles

I've been making daily "Need to get done" lists on index cards and checking them off. It's been fairly useful and a bit different from my digital stuff, as that tracks all the exact times and notifications for things I need to do. This little list is just stuff I should get done at some point during the day. I started out writing 10k steps as the first item but that has switched to filling out the Activity circles on the Apple Watch. Which means I can't just walk a good amount, I gotta pump them legs on my evening stroll. I'm "afraid" to weigh myself because I doubt that I am actually losing any weight, and I might be gaining some from the lifting I've been doing three times a week. Nothing excessive, just a few reps of stuff to maybe do something positive.

The list gets certain things like having to go grab something from the grocery store, handle something at the bank or so on, but I also have doing the Hearthstone daily quest and even forcing myself to sit down for a half hour and play a game. Because I might not even think to do it with all the stuff going on. And if I don't I'm definitely crankier than if I do.