Combining the things

Maniac Mansion was such a big part of my childhood that it is a bit ridiculous to me that I still haven't played many of the Lucas Arts adventure games. Grim Fandango Remastered was on sale this weekend so I grabbed it. Fiddling around with it, I am loving the dialogue and a bit frustrated with the puzzles. I'm not sure if I'm just giving up sooner than in my youth, or the puzzles are just a bit beyond me. I don't want to just play with a guide, that removes most of the non-dialogue fun. But a few times already I was just throwing my hands up in the air because I'm not even sure what I can interact with for the most part. I have the right items but I am not sure why I would think this glowing green thing would make a good grappling hook.

But it's a pure joy to read and listen to, which is more than enough to keep me going even if I feel guilty when I don't realize I have to use a punching bag until a mouthpiece falls to the ground.