A nice hot beverage

I enjoyed a coffee around eight this evening and it was a lovely mistake as here I sit now at midnight, working on a translation and feeling super awake despite really probably should need to be at work on time tomorrow and afraid of the crash. But coffee is tasty and I was in the mood for it. Moods are dangerous, dangerous things. Although perhaps not so much when the mood calls for Symphony of the Night. I had some yennies left over on the Goode Olde Sony Entertainment Network Shoppe and decided to pick that up even though I already have a copy on the US store, but fiddling with the Vita's region isn't worth more than the six hundred or so yen that I paid. Why am I replaying this instead of playing Bravely Second? That is a delightfully silly question that I do not have the answer to, because I am enjoying BS so much each and every time that I play it. Moods are weird.