Making the hard choices

Bravely Second spoilers. Holy hell. Holy hell. How are you going to place me in front of two of the characters from the original game - two of the bosses, who are some of the most interesting characters in the game - and then ask me to pick which one of them to fight. Because only one of them will be fought and then only one of their jobs will go into my selection of available jobs. So there are jobs unable to obtained. I love and hate that.

The desire to get everything, especially in RPGs is so, so strong. The developers know this is the tendency of many players. It is ingrained. And then the game dares to say "Okay, well you have to make a decision. And live with it." This is not uncommon to video games, but to do it with something fairly core to the system, something that players of the previous game would take for granted, hell, something that players of Final Fantasy would take for granted and then saying "Pick between these two jobs. They're not even that similar. But you only get one." That doesn't even take into account the story aspects of it. I felt crappy for picking the one that I did because story-wise, ew. I felt gross. But I kind of wanted that job a little bit more. Just the teensiest bit more.

The worst - and best part is that I know they're going to do it again.