And the last update for now

Okay, I'm almost boring myself with all of this watch talk but here I am, the fifth of May, slightly more than four full days with the watch and 59% battery on my wrist after I took a nice long walk to get all my daily numbers done. I feel good. I feel better than I have in a while. I have been exercising more, but I have also been gaming more. And playing with my son more. And focusing more. And is it the watch? Probably not that much. Except it was a little catalyst that stirred stuff around and I'm thinking differently about things. Will it last? Will things revert? Will I stop wearing the watch every day? I don't have time to think about these questions.

Looking at my shirts today and realizing I need to get some new short sleeve shirts (yay for weight loss) I realized the watch is the most expensive thing I have ever worn on my body. That's kind of bizarre.