Another day of watching

Yesterday was the first "trial" for me out in the open without any chance to charge my iPhone or my watch if either failed me. Early to rise late to get back, the family spent the day at an amusement park on top of a mountain. Reception was poor enough in spots that I think that explains some of the hit that the phone's battery took, but the watch was strong. I got alerted of a few emails that I simply achieved as I haven't gotten around to filtering them or unsubscribing yet. (Rockstar is no longer bothering me as Gmail automatically deletes their messages. Hey, I tried to unsubscribe four times. I was generous.) I exchanged a few brief messages with friends while I was in line and I contacted my wife when we separated at a few points to speed up the whole amusement park process. I ended the day with a fair chunk of battery left. It does better when you're not fiddling with it all day as a new thing.

What the watch did not do was protect me from getting sunburnt. Piece of shit.