Games I completed in April, 2015

Games I completed in April

  • 2015.04.01: Wario Land 3
  • 2015.04.10: Breath of Fire 2

Two games early on in the month. Both I had started long ago and finally cracked my way through. Both are sequels to games I much prefer. They tried new things and some of them can be applauded, but overall it was either overambitious nature or poor choices that made these games less fun than their predecessors.

Games I bought in April

  • 2015.04.02 - Xenoblade
  • 2015.04.23- Bravely Second

These two are the reason I tried to crack down on games in my backlog. And even with three weeks to work on Xenoblade, I got nowhere. I'm having trouble seeing what everyone else does. It is pretty much exactly what I do not want out of today's RPGs.

Bravely Second, though, has been a lovely journey of joy so far. It's going to be hard for it to top the original, but it is not off to a bad start.