First time watching

May_02__2015_at_1141PMAh, my first full day with the watch. I put it on around six in the morning and when I went to take a shower around ten pm it was at four percent battery. When I checked how much I used it though, it was way more than I had expected. Five hours is a lot of fiddling with the thing.

Although I suppose that is to be expected day one. Much like how my phone is not the focus of my attention all the time anymore and easily makes it through the day (although, it is seemingly getting hit a bit by the watch being paired to it, but nothing too bad).

Aside from me being overzealous in checking it for things, it did its job well. Wife messaged me to tell me she and the boy were on their way home and to start cooking dinner. My wrist vibrates, I see this, I tap twice to reply and continue cooking. Boom. I got several emails that I don't need to deal with today or at all and using the Mailbox prompt (there is nothing for the app on the watch itself) I achieved a few and pushed one to tomorrow morning.

The sillies and yet coolest to me thing is I have a 9pm alarm because that is when the boy is supposed to be in bed. My phone started ringing when I was walking upstairs with him, but my phone was not on me. I tapped on my wrist. Phone stops.

None of these things are huge but they are all so smooth. I'm interested in seeing how a work day turns out for me, but one day in and this is a nifty little device.