Changing fashion

Well, I have an watch and I'm bored already. Bored with the life I had before I became part of the future. Wearing something on my wrist still feels weird, but not as terrible as I feared. What blew my mind was when a friend called, I answered on my watch and then transferred the call over to my phone. I felt like I was playing with some toy that I had wanted for the longest time and it was my birthday. It was so simple, silly almost, but so ridiculously cool. Yes, I talked into my wrist. No. I didn't care. Because I answered and talked for a bit while fishing my phone from my pocket. So cool.

I'm still fiddling with so much and trying to figure things out, but opening up OmniFocus and saying "Remind me to put on some pants." and then after doing some stuff on my computer - pantsless - I stood up, glanced at my watch and saw the reminder. Then I went downstairs to make dinner for my family. Wearing pants.

The future is here.