Second Time

I had to give up my cellphone to sit in the US Consulate's office. Will my watch soon be similarly policed? Assuming that I have to go again soon, because hey, thanks Apple! You tell me June and then my watch will be arriving two days after I ordered it. That just makes me smile. Lots of smiling has been going on today. There is a cutscene early on in Bravely Second that is awesome. Apparently it is in For the Sequel as a secret ending movie. Which I did not see. So. Dang. I really should have put more time into that. It is super fun and I kind of can see myself jumping back into it after clearing BS. Because I will want to know if that one holds up after this one.

I feel like a kid before Xmas. It is a smartwatch, and I paid for it, but I'm still really excited to try it out and see if I can develop something for it. I know the options right now aren't much, but I'm sure just using it will help get the thought ideas flowing.

One more day. Squee.