Who watches the watch?

A few weeks ago I panicked when I realized my passport had expired a year ago. It turns out this isn't much of an issue as long as one isn't traveling, and since I try to keep that down to a minimum, I could have let it slide longer. But after fifteen years of being issued without being renewed, the paperwork changes, and things get silly, and who knows if something were to happen and I'd have to travel. So, today being a day off I scheduled an appointment to get it done. Thankfully the embassy was open on this Japanese holiday. And since I was in Osaka anyway, I scheduled a try on for the watch. I ended up trying on four different watches: 38mm sports band, 42mm sports band, 42mm leather band, and 38mm Milanese loop. I cannot believe I spelt Milanese right the first time. Short version of this story: a 38mm watch Sport with blue band is coming to me as soon as Apple can ship it.

  1. Wow, the rubber watch band is comfortable. I also loved how it tucked in and didn't stick out. Would you believe that is one of the things that I never liked about watches? Okay, I didn't realize that either until I tucked the end of the band in and was like "Oh, wow. This makes sense."
  2. I flubbed typing "expected" up there even though I got Milanese right. I liked that band, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about having metal constantly on me.
  3. The leather felt good at first, but I instantly thought about the hot and sweaty summer months in Japan and was much less pleased with it.
  4. Had I just bought one online (Apple sent me the developer offer for the 42mm Blue Sports band.) I would have said "Yeah, I need the 42mm one." But that felt almost a bit too big.
  5. I could have sworn that I read that the store credit I had couldn't be used online, but I placed an order online in-store and they input the code for me and it worked. So, I'm confused. But that enough of the watch so that I only paid around $200 for it, and that made it a lot easier to swallow. So now you know why I got one instead of dropping the equivalent cash on a PS4. Because if I could get a PS4 for $200? Yes.