What with the reinventing

After banging my head against Unity for a while, I just get the feeling that I was using the wrong tool for me and my project. Well, I'm sure there are 2D RPGs that have been made using Unity, but I just kept running into problems and I felt like I was tweaking values in the editor and fighting with the editor so much that I am doing something silly and breaking into SFML and getting back in touch with C++. After not coding for years and then slowly creeping back into it with PHP (for Gilgabot), then Objective C for subaku and rainblocks, then some C# for the Android port of rainblocks and a little Swift here and there for the experience of it, getting deep and dirty in C++ again feels a bit overwhelming. I'm typing a lot more and even with Xcode helping me autocomplete things, there's just so much extra typing that needs to be done for even the littlest things.

So I am giving myself a crash course in SFML with the Kindle version of a book that I saw recommended. It's a decent bit helpful, but it has the worst code examples I have ever seen. It just drops bits of code here and there without any hard reference to which file they are talking about. Often it is obvious but sometimes it isn't, and it's all causing just a bit more friction than would otherwise be necessary. I suppose with a print version you want to save space, although with the price of programming books always seeming to be ridiculously high, a few more pages could have knocked the price up a bit more, right?

Anyway, I have some complaints about the way they write as well, but in general I feel like it is giving me some decent core concepts and having me think about handling the game engine in different ways than I'm used to. Considering everything I've done up until now has basically been me figuring it out as I go along, there are a lot of things that make sense because I figured them out before or things that just seem like a better option that I didn't think of.

So even if this engine doesn't go anywhere and I'm left starting this RPG over again (I sure hope not.) at least I'll have learned something.