Starting up

[embed][/embed]Sweet adorableness!

Is it weird that I have been futzing around for the past half hour trying to take care of things before I start Bravely Second? I just want to make sure when I do play I am super focused on it and everything else is just whoosh, out of my head and away.

I'm sitting in the chair I was in when I got the "reveal" in the first game and it's bringing back memories of winter break 2012 where I was translating one of the first big projects I ever did and then playing Bravely Default when I had free time. Coincidentally, I'm working on another big translation project at the moment, so I want to make sure all my eggs are basketed before I hatch this joy into myself.

Hm, I hope I'm not overexciting myself for this game.

But Bravely Default did hit a chord into my outfield in a way that I hadn't felt in a long time. Let's see if they did the magic again.

Oh yeah, in the 3DS theme with Agnes (image above), her eyes move as you page around. It's ridiculously cute. Okay, starting now!


Shit, day one (two?) updates. Okay, that's done so now I start.