Me crunch face

I've been playing Hearthstone pretty regularly ever since the iPhone version hit last week, and the satisfaction levels are through the roof. A quick game before bed? Sure, why not! I've been alternating between Zoo, Mech Mage and Face Hunter because 1) I don't have many great cards and B) they are fun decks to play. I'm currently at rank 7 and I do not think I'll have the time to grind up to Legendary, but hell, this is fun.

I had a great game this evening where I was playing Face Hunter versus Zoo. Things were not looking good for me after they forced my Explosive Trap and then Imp-plosioned my remaining minion for four and dropped two Flame Imps. I had a completely empty board and four cards in hand.

I activated my hero power, dropped a Mad Scientist and shot it with my own Kill Command. A new Explosive Trap was set and I passed my turn. My opponent sat there, six life less from their Flame Imps and looking at a table of 2 or less life minions. Thirty seconds later they forfeited the match.