Nintendo Japanese VC Releases for 2015.04.15

Boom! A big pile of content here. Not entirely exciting content, but content! Sweet, delicious content.

Wii U VC

warioware_touched WarioWare: Touched! (Nintendo DS): ¥950 (¥980 in box on Suruga-ya) I'm super curious to try this one out because I'm not sure if the split screen mode would even work for this game... or am I completely forgetting how this game worked? Oh well, new Rhythm Heaven is coming out, right? At least this reminds me of that.

nemesis_3 Nemesis 3: The Eve of Destruction (MSX): ¥823 A sequel to Salamander! Also known as Gofer's Ambition Episode II, this is another Konami shooter that I have trouble distingushing from Konami shooters.

mr_heli Battle Chopper (PC Engine): ¥617 (¥570 card-only, ¥1880 complete on Suruga-ya) Battle Chopper does not ring the same bells as the Japanese title of Mr. Heli's Great Adventure. This is a colorful looking shooter from Irem and as Irem isn't exactly with us anymore, let's praise that we can still enjoy their glory in some ways.

power_sports World Sports Competition (PC Engine): ¥617 (¥1140 in box on Suruga-ya) Summer Olympics theme featuring stuff like " archery, rowing, shooting, swimming, and track and field." Thanks Wikipedia!

dkjr_math Donkey Kong Jr. Math (Famicom): ¥514 (¥320 cart-only on Suruga-ya) Long before he was hanging out with Diddy and starting the DK Crew, the