Shiny apples

I'm never sure why a "twenty minute nap" seems good at nine at night, but I did it yesterday and when I woke up at five I could only laugh. With a bit of an ache in the body, but hell, the hot-carpet was very comfortable to my bruises. I played with the new MacBook and the watch on Sunday and I'm excited for both. I likely won't be getting a MacBook ever because I tend to go with the Pros, but the watch seems like a device to get next year or the year after.

I never got an original iPhone because I was going to be leaving for Japan. And Japan didn't get it until the 3G. And holy hell, the stuff that we early adaptors dealt with here because of Softbank being awful and Japan's cellphone practices being different enough that it didn't quite fit. But it was nice and it only got better.

The MacBook's keyboard was interesting. I didn't quite get the idea that I had to push less forcefully than another keyboard. The keys being a bit bigger made it feel like I was hitting the wrong keys at time, but I wasn't. I was typing faster than usual and had the same rate of typos, although sometimes I thought I was smacking other keys. My friend who doesn't "type properly" was having some issues, though. Descriptions of the size didn't really help any understanding how ridiculously small and light it is.

The watch... Goodness, it seems neat. I just don't have the disposable income for it and next year or the year after it is going to hit its stride. Everyone is saying this, but just playing with it for a few minutes you can feel it. It's exciting stuff.