My toe hurts

I am not sure why my house had a subscription to Wizard: The Magazine. But we did. And I learned a lot about comics even though I never read much in terms of comics during my youth. But I read a lot of Wizard. The one thing that sticks in my mind the most is the letter they published one time that simply said "My toe hurts." The middle toe on my left foot is black and blue. I fell down the stairs today when carrying my "broken" 27" iMac. I am working on it right now so I have learned the following:

  1. The iMac is tougher than me when in its original packaging.
  2. My instinct is to fall back and cradle the computer.
  3. Toes are stupid.
  4. The 27" iMac is really, really heavy.
  5. Check your power strips before planning a long trip involving carrying a heavy computer.
  6. Get AppleCare.
  7. Kidney's don't like stairs.

Yup. I brought it all the way to Osaka because all of my testing showed that it was likely the hardware and even when I called Apple they said it sounded like the hardware. They ran their tests and everything came up fine. Then they installed 10.10.3 on top "just to be sure". Then the Genius rebooted my computer about ten times and never had a problem. Then I took it home and plugged it into a different power strip and have had no problems since. Then I looked at my toe.

I am not sure how I didn't think to check the cheapest component involved in the whole computer situation. Then again, I mostly used laptops for the past ten years so when the things don't boot well "the plug might be fucked" doesn't jump to the top of my mind.

At least I had a Burger King Bacon Double Cheeseburger for lunch. Shit's flame-broiled.