My wife turned the TV on and after flipping the channels for a while settled on a drama where a mouse was running through a cage. I finished washing the dishes and went to sit down and noticed that the main character seemed to be intellectually disabled. I had a hunch, and lo and behold I was right. Tonight was the first episode of a new series based on Flowers for Algernon. There are obviously a number of changes, what with it being in modern day Japan and all. The most jarring parts of the drama were the number of flashbacks the main character had to his mother freaking out and yelling about how she couldn't handle him anymore or "hates idiots". It was painful to watch.

I'll never forget one time I did a number game with one of my classes where I rolled a pair of dice and whoever could say the sum in English first would win. I want to treat all kids equally, but there are sometimes when I know a certain child won't speak up do to a variety of reasons. Or they're just not as good. Then some are sore losers. So with some students I can be nervous about how they'll react. So I tend to leave the decisions of whether or not they'll participate to the students themselves and their teachers.

Anyway, this one time one of the students annihilated everyone else. No one was expecting it. Everyone was blown away. This was not a case of just "letting him win", which is a concern I do have. It was all him and something about numbers and English just clicked for him when other things in the class had not. Plus he was pretty good at math. It was a true eye opener that when I teach, I need to just do my job and let it flow as best as it can, because no matter how much I think I can know the students, they can always surprise me.