Searching for tabs

It was a scary thing this morning when my damn laptop thought it was going to stop working. Now I am wondering if the power strip I had my iMac plugged in was part of the problem, but the MBP is working fine now so maybe it just feel asleep super hard. Or is it the fact that it is just getting old? I suppose I will pick up a new 15" MacBook Pro when they release one with the new trackpad. I could get a 13" now, but the weight difference should be enough. I do like the screen size. I was using Atom for a while, but I just switched back to Sublime Text. I had originally switched since Sublime Text would occasionally hang on start up and Atom was new, open-source and had a bunch of neat packages. But Atom itself loading a bit slow, even though the packages claim to not add much to the startup time.

There are still some oddities I don't get, such as why Sublime Text is marking "trackpad" as misspelt when it doesn't happen in other OS X applications. "Misspelt" is also misspelt, apparently. But the big problem is when I tried to do a search and replace on tabs in Atom, option+tab did not insert a tab.Actually, it seems that the "Use Regex" search option allows \t to be used, so hey! Okay, I guess I can go back to Atom for now. Never mind.

I do like the plugin for Sublime Text that makes Markdown files look different from others. It gives me black-on-white for writing and white-on-black for coding. Atom has some packages that allow me to switch between styles with a keystroke, but the automatic recognition in Sublime Text was nice. But hey, in the course of writing a blog post I switched back. So, um. Huh.