Nintendo Japanese VC Releases for 2015.04.08

New consoles available and new images depicting what you get on TV and on Wii U Pad. And not a gosh-darned thing for the 3DS VC.

Wii U VC

super_mario_64 Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64): ¥1028 (¥370 cart-only, ¥980 complete on Suruga-ya This feels right. Super Mario 64 is one of those necessary experiences and it is good to see it available on the Wii U.

yoshi_island_ds Yoshi’s Island DS (Nintendo DS): ¥950 (¥910 cart-only, ¥880 complete on Suruga-ya This was released outside Japan first. The thing is that this game is not "Game on top, data on bottom" but rather a split-screen type situation on the DS which means how playable can this actually be on the Wii U? That has to be an uncomfortable viewing angle.

getsufumaden Getsu Fuuma Den (Famicom): ¥514 (¥800 cart-only on Suruga-ya This one feels a bit out compared to the others, but it is a beloved classic that has been on the 3DS VC for some time now.