Skipping around 

I didn’t write yesterday because I was in a bad mood. Silly, to be sure, as that is the time I find I need to write. It was a string of minor inconveniences, but dang if yesterday wasn’t frustrating. Things are okay, though. I’ll be okay. Breath of Fire 2 has this weird mini-game where the player is asked to use the “yellow and red” buttons (B and A) to play these bells or some kind of instrument. Which would be cool if the game gave any indication of when to hit each button other than playing some little song and then asking to play along with it. Even looking at a guide has proven to be no help. It is just another thing in this game that seems to make little sense. The fusion system is another good example. I have no idea why the fusions just stop being in effect at some point. Did I miss the explanation? Was there one?

I reached the Dark World in DQ3 and it just gives me those oh so nice shivers. Playing it anytime on my phone is just a sweet release.

Xenoblade I’m still working on as well, although I’m not sure if it is going to hook me. An interesting character finally showed up, but it was one of the villains, and I can only assume their screen time will be less than the three goofi who currently occupy my party.