Lessons learned

When I slapped a bunch of extra RAM into my 2011 MBP and it felt like a new machine (and it still feels super good) I realized that getting my machines filled with RAM was something I should just do. And now that my late 2013 iMac decided to start acting up this morning. It won't stay on. And of course this is a few months after the year warranty went out and I didn't get Apple Care because "Hey, I've had good luck before!" Which, I genuinely have had, which is why I keep buying these Apple products. Apple Care on the next machine, which will be chock full of RAM. Hopefully this is something that won't be too pricy. Although I finally have a use for that gift card I got. Thanks, Alex.

Although I am super bummed, and not excited about lugging a 27″ iMac to Osaka, I am not freaking out. rainblocks, VIDEGOAME and Fated Final Voyage are all stored on the iMac, but I signed up for Backblaze a few months ago and holy shit, that has me so less worried now.

Hopefully the repairs aren't that much. But what the hell could it be causing the damn thing to power down after logging in?