Despite hearing it recommended on Back to Work countless times, I finally watched The Big Lebowski today. Holy shit. Holy shit. That was a good movie. It didn't hurt that a package from the US of A came as well and I enjoyed the film with miniature peanut butter cups. Today might have been the best day of 2015. Not sure how to top it. I almost want to watch the movie again already. It was just so good. I had seen some scenes before. I had seen the "Toe is not missing" and "Folgers Ashes" scenes which are kind of odd scenes to have seen without any context for the film. Spoilers, to be sure. Also, Folgers is the same company as Smuckers. So there you go.

The package contained peanut butter cups, a bottle of Frank's Hot Sauce[footnote]The only one you really need.[/footnote] and index cards. Because these are Important Items I cannot easily obtain in Japan. Life is so weird.