Use the buttons [Xenoblade]

A few minutes into Xenoblade and I'm already angry. Buttons! The 3DS has them. Hell, the new 3DS has more buttons and yet Xenoblade is choosing not to use them. The shop menu has tabs. Pressing Y brings the cursor up to the tab selection, which is nice but unnecessary if L and R would be used to switch tabs. Now the annoyance comes in with the fact that the equipment menu uses similar tabs but Y does not move the cursor. It opens up the sort menu. L and R are still not used here. At least pressing the button that opened the menu lets you close it no matter how deep in it you have gone.

On top of it all, the menus are big, bulky, blocky and on the touch screen - and do not respond to touch. Why do I have to scroll through more than two pages of big ass labels for the character's equipment? These aren't touchable buttons, so why are they so big with large space between them?

It's a pretty poor first impression. It doesn't feel as if they took the 3DS's strengths into consideration at all.