The first breath

Games I beat in 2015: #7 - Breath of Death VII: The Beginning

I was surprised when Breath of Death VII: The Beginning ended. And yet it make complete sense. This RPG cost only a few bucks and a few hours is completely. It was completely a learning experience for the people behind it and it was a fun little game on top of it. It had Dragon Quest-style combat with a twist in the combo system. Its level-up system And it tried to be humorous.

I say tried and well. It wasn't bad, but it felt like, well... I understood the why. I too feel I have to make a "humorous" RPG because I wouldn't want something I considered "serious" to be mocked and regarded as corny or juvenile. The humor is a quick way out of that to just be all "Don't take it serious, folk!" It was very self-aware, and earned a few chuckles out of me here and there. Mostly I was there for the DQ-ness of it all.

A cheap RPG, a quick RPG, a refreshing RPG. I like to think that my money helped someone keep doing what I'd like to be doing myself.