Training time

The boy is getting some extracurricular English education over the spring break because I am but one man against a country, and my child speaking English would be nice. We're going to see how it works out. But it is in Osaka, so I get to ride the train. I also got to carry a nearly 20 kilogram child for over a kilometer and a half this afternoon. Would not recommend.

But the train. So I ride the train and I get to play some Majora's Mask. And to get to the next dungeon I have to get Link through a well. And bunch of puzzle solving where you need to give out items. But once again, this time limit puts a big stress on the whole situation. Because everything that I need to have is the kind of item that disappears when you reset the clock.

And that is where it gets weird. Because I was at no risk of running out of time. No risk at all. But knowing it was there created an uncomfortable sense of hurry. So I cheated. I looked up what I needed to bring in advance and then gathered it all up and went and "solved" the dungeon. Boo.