The school year is over, the kids have all graduated and such, and I had a meeting that discussed things that I thought were discussed last week, but it was last year. Shit. With Tellah and Golbeza available in this week's Record Keeper character offering, it feels like they are really starting to dig somewhere deep. Not Gordon level deep, but these two aren't the top tier fan favorites, either.

I feel kind of bad for missing out on a few weeks of characters, but since there has also been an secondary character unlocking event each week which touts the return of characters I already have, hey, repeat time!

I think I am progressing faster in FF14 last time, which is only natural. I'd just like to get it to a point where I can do some events and neat stuff with friends once in a while. Resubscribe when new content hits. See the story. I hear it is good. What I've seen hasn't gotten me all ticklish just yet, but it hasn't turned me off, either.

With a Free-to-Play game, MMO, rhythm game, two main-line games in my backlog and a demo making me want to pick up a PS4, Final Fantasy sure has its claws in me at the moment.