Today I learned about "serous fluid" because I bumped a bug bite on my hand and it leaked. Slowly, but steadily. Humans are gross. Both in-tune with the entire game and water-based levels in general, the third dungeon in Majora's Mask was terrible, but the boss was fun. Not as much fun as the prior two, but still an enjoyable ride. The first half of trying to pelt the boss with arrows as it swam in a circle around you wasn't particularly new, but getting underwater with it and timing the freeing of the spike-bombs with its sucking was a fun challenge.

It also resulted in me yelling "Suck! Suck, you ugly fish, suck!"

I had no idea how short Breath of Death VII: The Beginning was and accidentally completed it. I have a few more thoughts to chew on for a bit but basically, it was a game. And that is the most important thing about it.