Don't go in the water

Fuck beavers. I got very angry on Twitter today in regards to some high quality poop in the form of a Legend of Zelda game recently remastered[footnote]That’s what the cool kids call it, right?[/footnote] and released for the 3DS. The swimming! Oh my love of love, the swimming. And to get another bottle to make this egg fetching quest a bit easier I decided to swim against some beavers. And if the swimming wasn't made from bad enough controls to begin with, the slightest tap of Link's svelte Zora body against the ring would send him into some jitterbug that would make all progress stop.

It was awful. I eventually succeeded, but it was awful.

My rage from this injustice inspired me to revive my Final Fantasy 14 account. Okay, it was actually the FF11 presentation/announcement event the other day that tickled my bone to give FF14 another try. Plus, it is spring break and this is what all the hot people do, right?


Except I am intending to join my friends on Durandal and guess what server is currently not allowing new characters. Right. So since I am booted into Windows anyway, I am playing Breath of Death VII: The Beginning. Because I got it cheap on Steam and why not finish what I started.