Tapping again

A single tweet to me about Live A Live music got me to finally boot up Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. I've apparently already put in over three hours. Whoops. I was wondering why I didn't start playing this the moment I got it as a birthday gift. And know I know why. I've already unlocked a bunch of characters and considering that pace of unlocking felt painfully slow in the original, they might have fixed that here. I sort of hope, as it seems that there are plenty of characters to get. It's been so long since I played the original (three years, was it?) that I am not sure which things are improvements and which things were just done right the first time, but this is a hell of a package.

Plus, Mystic Quest tracks. Sweet butt rock.

I completed a dungeon in Dragon Quest 3, set the prisoners free and then warped out to go claim my black pepper prize. Landing back in town I found them nowhere to be found. Confused, I went back to the dungeon and found the two in prison again. What?

Setting them free wasn't enough. I had to backtrack a bit in the dungeon and find that the two hadn't quite escaped, do a boss fight and then go claim my peppery prize. The game gives enough freedom to let the player warp out of the dungeon, but it doesn't save all the progress so that they would get stuck. Or to make it too easy.

But since returning to the dungeon in the state I had left it would have made it impossible for me to walk to the place I need to get to as the NPCs had been blocking the door, they realized that the game needed to reset a bit of data. But thankfully not too much, as I did not have to do the fight that allowed me to get to the jailed lovebirds in the first place.