Poor cows

Dammit. I missed the 2 AM meeting to prevent cows from being adducted. How could I have been so careless? Now I am going to have to start the cycle all over again if I am ever going to save these gaseous beings. Or, hey, it seems this is an optional part of Majora's Mask so I am going to just continue on with the main story. Thank you, Seeker Stone. Your hints make me feel less confused. But good golly, am I still confused by Majora's Mask. Which is why as I write this I am winding the day down with some grinding in Breath of Fire 2. Bow's instant kill ability makes this interesting as I try to keep the party in good enough condition to survive until the it happens to work. And this strategy mostly succeeds!

It is only when the damn giant bug manages to turn characters into zombies (What?) that things get ugly. Both the Poison and Zombie status effects are cured by the same spell (Again, what?) but ending battle as a zombie results in an unconscious party member. Confusing. The inn in the town I go back to for my healing is the only building to have its lights on at night. That is a delightful bit of attention to detail that I wish the game had more of in some other key places.

Steiner and now Eiko have joined my pool of available characters in Record Keeper. One interesting UI change I noticed is how before if "Recommendation" was selected on the party screen the equipment, abilities and party members themselves would be automatically selected. Now the party members remain set. So I can add a few FF9 characters, since they get bonus XP as well as do more damage in general for being in their own world, and automatically equip them with a tap. That's some positive interaction.

And as I play Record Keeper I make good notice of the DeNA logo on it. The news they and Nintendo announced yesterday is scary. Changes might happen. But then as I walked past my shelf filled with quality games that I will play a few times again before I die, games that I will offer to play with my son and share down in the generations are going nowhere. If this dealing gets us a few more years of High Quality games and a few Time Wasters that I enjoy here and there, good on us all.