Nintendo Japanese VC Releases for 2015.03.18

Decent mix of stuff here. One of my short-lived obsessions comes in with a handful of obscure titles to round out collections. Twin_Bee_MSX

Wii U VC

Twin Bee (MSX): ¥823 Mmm, more MSX versions of Konami games. With the way Konami has been falling down in the past few years there is just something... disturbing about it. Thinking too much, I am sure. Nonetheless. Twin Bee! I'm sure there will never be a new one.

legend_of_hero_tonma Legend of Hero Tonma (PC Engine): ¥617 This arcade actually got a TG-16 release in 1993 and looks pretty beefy for an arcade scroller but has that weird color thing going on that you see in games like Monster World where everything just looks a little too colorful.

devil_crash Devil's Crush (PC Engine): ¥617 Although I never had access to a TG-16, this was one of the games that I knew about. "Pinball, but really, really good! No, seriously! Fun pinball!" But yeah. Pinball.

mojipittan_advance Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan (Game Boy Advance): ¥702 (¥450 in box on Suruga-ya) I was completely obsessed with this puzzle series for one summer. I had the PSP version but it never felt like the version particularly mattered. It was just a lot of fun playing solo Japanese Scrabble.

smash_ping_pong Smash Ping Pong (Famicom): ¥514 (¥440 disk-only, ¥1580 complete on Suruga-ya) Originally out in 1985 in the arcade and for MSX, Konami's Ping Pong eventually got put on the FDS and then hit the PAL Virtual Console under the title Smash Table Tennis. Donkey Kong is actually featured in the crowd in the FDS version, whereas prior it was Konami's "mascot" Pentarou. You know that penguin from all those Konami games. Maybe he will be the next one to leave the company.