The racist Karn in the original Breath of Fire makes an appearance in the sequel. He lives on an island with Bo, also from the original BoF and seeing the two of them made me think even more of just how different this game is from the original. Worse menus, doors that need to be opened by pressing the A button, sinks with water constantly running implying great amounts of waste going on in the world, characters that just aren't that interesting. But. That sweet, sweet leveling feeling. The giant enemies on this island that are giving a fair chunk of experience, which I need since the many characters that the game offers are completely out of sync in regards to levels. Ryu is at thirty while Bow was at twelve before I started this bit of grinding. This game has too many party members to not offer some sort of in-battle switching or shared experience gain. Heck, my old man brain may be failing me but I think the entire Breath of Fire traveled together and the battle party could be swapped at any time outside of battle.

I'm just not sure why many of these changes in BoF2 were made.