Nintendo Japanese VC Releases for 2015.03.11

It's Namcot Week... again... here on the Virtual Console. This week one of them is quite the savings and the other is a sequel to Ganbare Goemon.

Wii U VC

mr_driller_aMr. Driller A (Game Boy): ¥702 A as in Ace. Be sure to remember it. Of the two GBA Mr. Driller games, this is the newer (2002) one but did not get a release outside of Japan. The Wii U is quickly becoming a nice place for GBA games. Which is weird, but considering I could only find this game on Yahoo Auctions and for about ¥2000 or more, hey, savings.

ganbare_goemon_2 Ganbare Goemon 2 (Famicom): ¥514 (¥790 cart-only on Suruga-ya) Sequel! This one has a non-cannon ending. Gasp! Dare you play it to find out what it is?