The new MacBook (not Air as the rumors seemed to think!) is enticing. I do a lot of my heavy lifting on my iMac now, and this 2011 MacBook Pro is a heavy thing to lift. Four years is a pretty good run for a laptop. As I think my previous one was late 2006 to early 2011. I developed subaku on this thing, though. I brought it to work every day for Four years. This thing is older than my child. Maybe one more year. The MacBook upgrade next year should have a few nice tweaks here and there and by then my poor Pro could very likely be at its end. I'd hate to have to rush out and get a new one like when my previous MacBook Pro[footnote]Actually, was that a Powerbook?Or was that about the time that the MacBook Pro name started getting used?[/footnote] started having trackpad issues and I got this. Although, timing was good at least. Still, I think a more laptop-like laptop instead of the powerhouses that I have been touting around for eight years seems mighty tempting. I loved my white plastic 2004 ... iBook? Was that what it was called?

Now I just feel old.