Back on record

March_09__2015_at_0858AMMarch_09__2015_at_1218PM Whoops. Well, I am back on the horse. I blame two people on my Twitter feed who shall remain nameless because why name names? Although I missed a bunch of characters, the event beginning today lets players obtain Aerith[footnote]Also known as Aerith.[/footnote] again. The first time I saw her available was the first week I started playing. However, that time it was necessary to gather a metric Chocobo-Ass ton of Gysahl Greens to unlock her. This time it's just completing a dungeon, which is much more pleasant.

Not that I'll likely use her in my party. I already have far too many characters to use in this game. Aha, now I'm remembering why I stopped playing. Fatigue from nearly too much content.